Mr. Sidharth S. Raju is a University Lecturer at Vivekanand Global University Jaipur in  Hospitality & Management Officiating . He is pursuing P.hD in Management and has received his M.Phil in Management ( HR) , MBA In Hospitality & HR, MA.Education, Bachelors In Hotel Management Travel & Tourism Management, Diploma In Hotel Management, Advance Diploma In Computer Application, Lean Six Sigma and AHLEI PMP Certification. Before joining of Vivekanand global global University Jaipur School of Hospitality & Hotel Management Sidharth was working in Academy Of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Dehradun India ( Affiliated By HNBGU Central University ), Mr. Sidharth was associated with some of the top Hotels Group in The World in USA, Singapore and India. like Hilton, Grand, Vail Resorts Group and Sterling , as different different position.

He has Published many Journals and Research for Students and professionals. published 12 papers and articles in the well known Professionals Platform That is Linked In For Students, Teachers as well as professionals.
Mr. Sidharth’s specific areas of interest are: Personality Profiling, Professional Obsolescence, Leadership, Team Building and Group Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change, Developing Positive Attitude, HR Practices, Teaching, Research New Ideas And Techniques in Teaching ,And Related to build a Professional In Hospitality & Management


• An innovative and knowledgeable professional having 6 years’ experience in Hospitality Teaching & 7 years in Industry.

• Proficient in developing new lessons and activities to expand learning opportunities.

• Extensive participation on committees and extra-curricular activities.,

• Excellent knowledge of the subject and also has great practical knowledge.

• Proficient in giving conceptual knowledge.


• Excellent interpersonal skills.

• Strong analytical, logical and mathematical skills.

• Excellent communication skills in written and verbal both.,

•Ability in clarifying the doubts.

• Excellent Hospitality TeachingSkills as well as administrative work.


• Employ differentiated Training methods, incorporating, audio and visual activities to address all learning styles

• Provide individualized instruction to keep all people at expected skill level.

• Identify and organize field trips to enhance curriculum

• Meet with parents to discuss progress and address behaviour or mastery issues.

• Develop discipline plans and work closely with at-risk employee.


• Proficient in Advance use of computer.

• Internet Savvy.

• Word, Excel Power Point Etc.


• Attending many seminars and deliver many speeches as guest Faculty.

• Successfully organized workshop for 1000 Students

• Many Award From The Hospitality Industry .

WORK EXPERIENCE :- 6 Years Academics & 7 Years In Industry.

•Working as University Professor In Vivekanad Global University Jaipur School Of Hospitality & Hotel Management.

  • Worked as Sr. Lecturer in school of Hotel management ( AHMCT , Affliated By HNBGU Central University )  Dehradun India from May 2015 to June 2018.

• Worked as Junior Lecturer in school of Hotel management ( AHMCT , Affliated By HNBGU Central University )  Dehradun India from Jan 2012-June 2013.

• Worked as Assistant Manager F&B In Hilton Hotel Singapore From Jan 2011- Dec 2011.

• Worked as Restaurant Manager In Sterling Holidays Resorts India From Jan 2010- Dec 2010.

• Worked as F&B Executive in Vail Resorts Corp. Denver (CO) USA From Apr 2009- Dec 2009

• Worked as Management Trainee Hospitality In Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island USA Apr 2008- Nov 2008.

• Worked As Senior Supervisor F&B In Maurya Hotel Patna India From Apr 2003- Apr 2005.

• Worked As Senior Steward F&B In Maurya Hotel Patna India From Apr 2000- March 2003.


  • P.hD ( Management ) Pursuing .
  • M.Phil In Management ( HR )
  • MBA In Hotel & HR Management From Kalinga University Raipur India May 2013- Apr 2015- Regular.
  • MA Education
  • Bachelor In Hotel Management Travel & Tourism From Bharati Vidyapeeth University Apr 2006- Apr 2009- Regular.
  • Diploma In Hotel Management From AHMCT Dehradun Apr 1999- Apr 2000- Regular


• Advance Diploma In Computer Application 1 Year From Bihar Government Apr 2005- Apr 2006- Regular.


• AHLEI & THSC PMP Certification For Hospitality Foundation Level Training.

• Lean Six Sigma In Quality & Certification.


• How Does Terrorism Effect On Business & Relation Between Two Countries.
Journal :- IJTSRD, V-1, Issues :- 6, ISSN :- 2456-6470 .
Link :-

• The Impact of Workforce Diversity in Internationalization of Business.
Journal: – IJTSRD, V:- 1, Issues :– 6, ISSN: – 2456-6470.
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Beer and Facts.
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Code of Conduct for Students.
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Effective teaching and Training Skills.
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Service Sequence in Hospitality.
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What Is Management?
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• Performance Appraisal in an Organization?
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Difference between Managers and Leaders.
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Good Service Vs Bad Service In Restaurant.
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• Tips For Improve Business in Restaurant.
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Area of Interest:-
Hospitality Teaching & Research.